We have various industry leading defence mechanisms in place such as Anti-DDos, Intrusion detection and Prevention and much more.


We use encryption throughout the mappd solution, ensuring that data is encrypted at rest and in transit as standard, we use AES-256 bit encryption.

Monitoring and Logging

To ensure that any anomalies are picked up on, we have monitoring and alerting in place to analyse 24/7. Logging is also in place to ensure that we get effective data to analyse.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing forms a core part of our security programme, we carry out tests with every major release and on a regular basis too. We are looking into having a public bugbounty in addition to this.


Our platform is accredited to ISO27001, CSA, ISO27018, ISO9001, PCI-DSS and other industry recognised standard.

Vulnerability scanning

We carry out frequent vulnerability scanning both internally and externally to ensure that any new vulnerabilities are identified and mitigated as soon as possible.

Reporting and acting

We have a clear process for reporting issues and vulnerabilities to security@mappd.io where we will respond and act as soon as possible.

Security and privacy by design

Security and privacy is at the core of mappd, so it's only right that we champion security and privacy by design. We have thorough assurance processes for start to finish governence.. we use the mappd commercial platform ourselves too.

UK based

Our platform is stored within secure UK datacenters and always will be.

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