See your data around the world. Get notified if your hacked.

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see your data around the world

Around the world!

Your information is everywhere, mappd shows you where is is around the world so you can finally understand the extent of your footprint

View who has your information

We sort and show the organisations that have your information, showing which have been hacked

Monitor your accounts

Add all of your accounts and receive real-time monitoring to ensure that if your accounts are hacked, you know as soon as possible

Get notified when we find a hack

Our monitoring allows us to notify you as soon as you or one of your organisations is involved in a breach, keeping you one step ahead

We continuously manage so you don't have to

We have busy lives and adding another thing to it, is not ideal. mappd works behind the scenes to keep your organisations and footprint up to date, reducing your risk without you spending time.

One app to rule them all

A single location to view your digital footprint and manage your digital relationships

get notified of breaches


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  • Find your companies
  • View current breaches
  • View data map
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