We believe that everyone should have access to their data with minimal effort

Championing the movement to allow individuals better access to data, is our focus. With better access, we can all benefit from better outcomes, lowered risks and lower amounts of time wasted.

The team at mappd are relentless in solving the lack of control and visibility of your digital footprint

Our team consists of tech, security and privacy experts who have seen first hand the extent to which an individuals footprint spans. We’re now focusing on giving the ability back to consumers to have visability of this.

Instant access to your footprint and digital life

We should be able to see our digital footprint at the click of a button and make changes as we see fit

Changing details should be a breeze

If you've changed name or address you will know the pain of updating all of your companies, we're solved this problem

Feel in control

It's massively important to us that we can ensure you feel in control and clear about what your footprint looks like and remove any ambiguity

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