Your personal security
starts with mappd

An app that finds your data across the world. Get one step ahead of criminals and protect yourself from being hacked.

The window into your digital health

We frequently hear about our data and the misuse that comes with it, maybe you’ve had your identity stolen, you want to update your details with companies, or want to see the extend of your digital footprint, mappd can help.


We have the ability to find your relationships with companies and report these back to you in an easy to understand and tangible format. Visualise where your information is across the world


You’ll then be given the tools, training and tips to be able to manage this, whether you update your details, find out whats companies hold, or want to reduce your risk of identity theft and fraud.


Through our automated notification system, we provide real-time monitoring of your digital life, we notify you of breaches and keep your footprint up to date, whilst giving you actions to reduce risk

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