What is Tor? The simple guide

What is Tor? The simple guide

So you’re looking for Tor which means you are interested in becoming anonymous and increase your privacy – read below to find out what it is and how mappd can help with achieving a more clean digital footprint.

What is Tor?

Tor is an open-source browser that runs on the Tor network – it stands for The Onion Router. The name comes from the way that the network works, essentially routing traffic through multiple layers.. Not just Ogres are like onions.

Who created it?

The origins of Tor is interesting considering the typical user of the browser and network. Tor was initially created by the US government – this can put some people off, especially wondering if Tor has a backdoor or way for the government to spy.

In reality, this isn’t a major issue or concern as some of the most respected and well known privacy advocates such as Edward Snowden and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Why would I want to use it?

There are many reasons why you want to use Tor aside from the privacy aspect. Mainly, it’s to access the Dark Web – we won’t be going into the dark web in detail in this blog. However you must take extreme care if you are accessing the dark web as there is an increased risk of malware and illegal activity.

Can I not use Tor but still get better privacy?

Unless you are trying to access the dark web then we wouldn’t recommend that you use it for privacy benefits. It’s much better to use a reputable VPN as this will provide many of the same benefits, if not be more secure. We recommend NordVPN however there are many other providers that you can check out.

I’m aware of the risks but still want to use Tor

We highly recommend that you ensure that your security is up to scratch when using Tor, especially if you are traversing the dark web. Our previous blog posts cover the top tips for staying secure which will reduce your risks.

How can mappd and Tor work together?

If you are interested in reducing and clearing up your digital footprint, then mappd is the perfect solution. Mappd automatically maps out your digital footprint and shows you where your data is around the world. Once you understand your footprint, you can then take the steps required to reduce the amount of data you have out on the internet to significantly reduce your footprint.

Combined with a privacy tool like Tor or alternatively (our recommendation) a VPN, you will also keep your internet browsing safe and private too.

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