Does Google follow your every move?

Does Google follow your every move?

If your worried about privacy or your digital hygiene, you’re not going to like this but an app you may be using everyday could be tracking you. This blog will give you some information into what may be happening without you realising. If you want to find out how to stop google from tracking you, read below

Google have an app on your mobile device called Google Maps. We are all familiar with it, but do we know enough about it?

What does Google maps do and how does tracking work?

If you didn’t know, this allows you to see the entire world. Not only this but it provides you with journey recommendations and traffic notifications along with much more. Now, to provide the service, a certain amount of tracking will be required and most of us are happy with this.

When using it a little location notification will pop up, if you accept this you have enabled them to follow your every move. Furthermore, you can decline Googles access to this.

Great… or is it?

Recent investigations have found that even when opting out of this, they don’t always stop Google tracking you.

This isn’t the first time google has been accused of shady privacy practices. There is even a film about it

What are the findings, are they tracking?

One of the main parts of the investigation is whether when turning location off, does It still actually track you. Well it does and doesn’t.

You may be asking yourself, ‘What does that mean?’

Google doesn’t track where you’re moving, but it takes pictures of where you are and also puts digital markers at locations you have been too.

So, when turning location off it doesn’t completely stop tracking you. This effects a lot of people around the world, about 2 million. That’s just on Apple and Android.

How to stop google tracking you

Would you like to know how to prevent this picture location setting? Although it’s linked to location data, Google have decided to put it with ‘Web and App Activity’.

But to get rid of this picture tracking you must go on Google settings, go into ‘Web and App Activity’. Then all you all you do is turn it off.  This will prevent Google from tracking you.. through this route anyway.

Do I have to use google? I don’t want to be tracked.

There is no denying that Google is an important tool and is synonymous with searching online. There are privacy friendly alternatives such as DuckDuckGo which does not track your every move and in some cases can be easier to use due to their fair advertising.

You can read more about DuckDuckGo and how to live without Google on their blog.

How does Mappd help?

Well if you didn’t know already Mappd helps you find out where all your data is around the world, on average this is over 200 companies. That’s a lot of places to be tracked, or have data stolen. Reducing this number allows you to focus on the ones that matter. Not only this but Mappd notifies you if you’ve been hacked too.

Has this article helped you? Remember you can register to get early access and a special offer for mappd here. If you found the article helpful please let us know in the comments or contact us at [email protected]

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