mappd 101 – Passwords

mappd 101 – Passwords

What is a strong password and how do I make one? Read below to find out how to up your passwords..

The amount of confusion around what is a secure password does not make picking one easy. Especially when you might have multiple accounts that have different password complexity requirements.

The National Cyber Security Centre has been running a campaign #thinkrandom for some time now. They advising that you create a password using three random words. Putting them together, like ‘bricktrainfish’ or ‘coffeeshirtfish’.

The key part with this technique is making sure they are random and aren’t easily guessed together. For example, ‘onetwothree’ or words that relate to you personally, like names of pets or family.

So how are passwords used when someone tries to attack your account?

Cyber criminals have a vast array of methods when it comes to compromising your accounts. The majority of the time, a password will be involved when a criminal is successful. So what usually allows them to get it?

Your password may be so obvious that an attacker can guess it, such as qwerty, password01, your cats name etc.. this must be avoided wherever possible if you want to keep your information, money, data safe. Following the guidance in this blog will massively increase your security if you fit this.

Quite often it’s not your fault when your accounts are hacked. This is usually due to a third party company losing information or getting hacked which allows your password to be stolen. Unfortunately there is very little you can do in these circumstances, which is why tools like mappd are so important. When you receive a notification from mappd, you can immediately change your passwords to stop your accounts from being taken over.

Keylogging is carried out when a malicious tool is put on your laptop, mobile or other device. When you are entering information it captures key strokes. For example, when your typing on a keyboard an attacker could be received a copy of each keystroke. Bearing that in mind, If you typed in your usernames and password, it wouldn’t be good news.

What can you do to protect your accounts?

There are a couple of key things that you can do to protect your accounts. This advice applies to everyone so share these tips, especially for those who need additional support or may be more vulnerable.

Mappd alerts you if any of your accounts are involved in a hack, the majority of the time before any malicious activities have taken place. This means you can change your passwords and strengthen your accounts security before it’s too late.¬†

Multi-factor authentication is an extremely effective way of securing your accounts. Essentially to log in from an untrusted device (e.g. an attackers device) you will need to add some form of verification, like a one time passcode to your phone or using an authentication app like google’s authenticator. This means that even if your password is compromised, you have a very strong chance of protecting yourself and preventing the hack.

Most services these days offer a multi-factor or 2 factor option that you can enable to increase your security.

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