What is a VPN and why should I use one?

What is a VPN and why should I use one?

Mappd can be thought of as your digital health-check that is always monitoring your identity, a VPN is just one tool of many that helps keep your health at an optimum level

Before we start… In-Private and Incognito does not hide the websites that you visit and your browsing activity, it only provides a ‘clean’ browser session that does not store your history on your device / account.

You may not have known about the above statement, or maybe you do, either way, the amount of people who believe that these options hide your history and activities is alarming – if you want to, use a reputable VPN service!

Virtual Private Networks – What are they?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that protects your online identity. When using a VPN, it redirects your connection through a remote server provided by the VPN. This means you can access any website in a more secure secure way (using a reputable VPN provider), making your browsing more anonymous. One or more devices can connect to a VPN.


Why is this useful you may ask, a VPN provides you with much greater online security and it reduces your chances of getting hacked. A VPN also allows you to surf safely on public WIFI networks. It also allows you to bypass regional restrictions of content and sites. Privacy is increased with a VPN, it will hide your current IP address and swapped with another IP address provided by the VPN company.

What does a VPN hide?

When you go onto a website your ISP, the website and many other servers within the internet will collect information about you and your browsing history, which is recorded by law and can be called upon or used by 3rd parties such as the Government.

Not only is your information and history tracked for lawful purposes, but this can also be given to advertisement company’s Рthis means ads could pop up on all of your devices when using your home / cellular internet as the information is attributed to your IP address.

It seems like hassle, why is it necessary?

The use of VPNs are a choice – you don’t need to use them, but they are highly recommended if you care about your online privacy. With modern technology VPNs are a viable day to day product to use and at mappd we also highly recommend the use of them – providers like NordVPN are able to provide a service that you can use across all devices with minimal impact and slowness of internet (a common, historic issue with VPN use) and at a reasonable price.

The scenario that sometimes brings some of this to life, is that your ISP (internet service provider) will have a complete collection of your entire online activity – imagine that company having this information stolen or accessed by a disgruntled employee, the consequences to your privacy would be massive if leaked to the public – noone wants their private life to be exposed.

Mappd doesn’t provide a VPN service so why mention it?

No it doesn’t, but mappd gives you the ability to see where all of your information is around the world and notifies you if anything malicious has happened, we provide a personal defence and alert service to the general public who otherwise are left confused and unable to comprehend at times the extent of our digital footprint.

Mappd can be thought of as your digital health check that is always monitoring your identity, a VPN is just one tool of many that helps keep your health at an optimum level.

By using a VPN you are reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud by making it more difficult for attackers to get hold of the required information to take over your identity and protecting your privacy which is a core aspect of what we support at Mappd – the two together will dramatically reduce the risk of these issues materialising and puts you strongly in control of your digital self.

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