Digital hygiene – what is it and how do we help?

Digital hygiene – what is it and how do we help?

You may have heard in our other blogs, the phrase ‘digital hygiene’ being used, It’s one we love at mappd as it represents a couple of important things;

  • Hygiene is a daily part of our lives and being digital is also
  • It’s important to stay look after yourself, and your digital self too.

So what is digital hygiene?

Digital Hygiene (in our mind) is the process of looking after and cleaning up your digital life and day to day activities, as you can imagine the scope of this is huge, ranging from; Deleting people off of your social media accounts that you no longer need to view your profile or reducing the amount of time you spend online all the way to ensuring that posts are kept private or public as required, deleting old accounts that are no longer required and asking companies to remove your data when it is no longer needed .

You wouldn’t leave your house without brushing your teeth, because of our embedded habit built from fighting plaque and gum disease, so what about checking your digital hygiene to protect against things like identity theft?

– mappd Founder Harrison Mussell

The latter two points are a core part of what we do here at mappd and maybe we could cover other areas in the future, if you’d like to give us a recommendation, you can get in touch here 

Problems with digital hygiene

If you asked someone whether they would look after their online presence, the likely response is YES!, however in reality, it’s unlikely that they would do simply because it’s another thing to add to the daily hustle and bustle of life where we are already stretched as it is – we’ve talked about our findings from the last 12 months on another post so we won’t go Into detail, but essentially we confirmed that lots of people agree with digital hygiene and want to do something about it, but simply don’t have time or can’t be bothered.

So how can digital hygiene work?

In our experience, digital hygiene will only reach mass adoption and a part of our day to day activities if there is a way to make it easy and engaging, with tangible benefits (like not getting gum disease), our findings are;

  • Automation is key, we shouldn’t be creating more work for people
  • Engagement must be quick, useful and actionable
  • People want to see benefits and see things changing

How does mappd promote good digital hygiene?

Fortunately we’ve been working behind the scenes to achieve the areas that we found out through our extensive testing and can’t wait to deliver it.

You can think of mappd as your personal digital health check, running in the background without requiring significant input to notify you of any issues and changes and keep you on track to maintaining a good digital hygiene routine.

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