A little bit about mappd

A little bit about mappd

Mappd was born as a concept back in 2017 when founder Harrison Mussell  was working in the banking industry as a security consultant, helping transform the way the organisations used personal data. It was during this and the preparations for the General Data Protection Regulation [(GDPR) that he had identified that there where huge opportunities for consumers to benefit from the GDPR rather than it being so focused around businesses meeting compliance.

Through these experiences, the motivations that built mappd started to form. Namely;

Businesses and individuals can both benefit through trust and transparency

Businesses are getting better at understanding this but in our opinion, this is no way near the level that it could be, and this is where mappd aims to disrupt.

Fast forward to February 2018 and an acceptance onto the Bethnal Green Ventures, Tech For Good accelerator and mappd became a reality.

Fast forward to February 2018 and an acceptance onto the Bethnal Green Ventures, Tech For Good accelerator and mappd became a reality.

What does it do?

Mappd has the ability to allow individuals to leverage many complicated rights and freedoms in a simple manner, that is easy to use and becomes a day to day part of your digital hygiene routine  – we do not create another process or thing to manage in our already busy lives, instead we become an essential part of your daily digital routine.

  • We find your data and the companies that hold it
  • We give you a score to show the level of potential risk
  • We give you actionable real-time tips when things may have happened to your data
  • We notify you of any breaches as and when they occur
  • We give you the tools to remove or challenge those companies that mishandle your information
  • We monitor changes to who has your data to keep a representative map of your footprint

What has mappd done to date?

We’ve been really busy over the past 12 months revising our product and how we deliver benefits to our customers, also reviewing how we can increase our position as a champion for individual rights. Some of our main achievements have been;

  • Been accepted onto and completed the BGV accelerator [ on July 2018, pitching to a wide variety of audience
  • Launched our first beta and successfully achieved proof of concept
  • Taken our findings and spent time, tirelessly refining our proposition and product to create something market leading
  • Began delivery of our second revision and product to be released to market

Future of mappd

The future is bright for individual rights and educating people to understand the impact of not managing your digital identity. We are seeing more and more breaches, companies mishandling information[  and it is become so important to take this topic seriously, in the modern age it’s not possible without good tech and mappd is the driver to mass adoption.

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