Mappd beta launch

Mappd beta launch

We are proud to release the first beta version of the mappd platfrom.

It’s really simple to use.

Upon registration it may seem like we capture quite a few of your details, but it is necessary in order to have compliant requests and so that companies can verify it is you, requesting your data. Don’t forget to also upload your ID documents, this will make the process much easier.

Once you’ve entered your details, you’ll be taken to the import page. Log in with either your Gmail account, Outlook account  or both, one after the other. We user OAuth to retrieve companies that hold your data. Don’t be put off by allowing mappd to have access to your email account, our bot is looking for particular keywords only and we cannot see or read your emails. Neither do we store or save them on our servers.

If you still feel this is too intrusive, there is a manual process to follow. It takes a little longer but we’ve given you the step by step instructions on how to do this.

After all the companies have been imported. Highlight continue and select next.

You should be taken to a page which creates a request, exercising your right to be informed. This is so we can accurately gauge whether or not a company actually is processing your personal data.

Once they have responded, you should have a clear picture of which companies hold your personal data.

The map will gradually begin to populate, so that you can understand the reach of your online identity. You can also view the status of requests sent within the table on your dashboard.

If you want specific types of personal data from a company. Hit create request down the side menu and select access.

If you would like to exercise your right to be forgotten, select the erasure request.

We hope you enjoy using the platform and we thank you for your time.

Please submit your feedback, any and all feedback is welcome as we want to continually improve the service.

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