4 things you don't know;

- where your data is
- if you've been hacked
- if you trust companies
- that mappd solves these problems

Attackers are holding you hostage with your information. It’s never been more important to feel safe and secure online.Β 

πŸ”Ž Find your data

Find where your data is around the world and see it on the world map

πŸ“« Get notified

Set up notifications to get alerts for a new company that has your data or a new threat

πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ Take action

Complete your actions to reduce your risk score, getting one step ahead of attackers

😴 Rest easy

Sleep better at night knowing that mappd is monitoring your footprint 24/7

πŸ“ˆSome of our figures

Average places we find a users data
Threats found with mappd
Data shares found with mappd
Times we've got excited thinking about making you more safe

πŸ’ͺ🏾 We lead the way

It’s important to us that we practice what we preach; security and privacy is paramount.

Unfortunately this stuff comes at a cost and we will never sell your data for revenue or bombard you with adverts.

We charge a minimal fee to cover infrastructure costs and development – based on our projections, we can be sustainable and grow for less than the price of a coffee per user.

Interested in supporting mappd and helping to make the world a safer place? Sign up now and subscribe πŸŽ‰

πŸ‘€ What people are saying

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I am an ethical hacker and it's important for me to also be safe. I sign up to hundreds of accounts but with mappd It automatically finds where my data has gone. Your app is amazing
Felix Weberr@Felix.weberr
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Mappd makes privacy so much easier to organise and keep an eye on. I've been using mappd for weeks without issues and it's massively useful
Musaddiq Ali@musaddiqvynzofficial
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I signed up yesterday and it worked so amazing, easy sign up and amazing seeing such a responsive service, I am stunned!
Faceless Coder@that_faceless_coder
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I think I love your app, the response after finding a hacked account is really fast

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