See where your data is across the world. Get notified for breaches.

We identify the companies that hold your data and give you the tools to manage how it’s used. Get notified if your data is breached and carry out actions to reduce your risk of fraud and identity theft.

see your data around the world

The window into your digital health

We frequently hear about our data and the misuse that comes with it, maybe you’ve had your identity stolen, you want to update your details with companies, or want to see the extend of your digital footprint, mappd can help.


We have the ability to find your relationships with companies and report these back to you in an easy to understand and tangible format. Visualise where your information is across the world


You’ll then be given the tools, training and tips to be able to manage this, whether you update your details, find out whats companies hold, or want to reduce your risk of identity theft and fraud.


Through our automated notification system, we provide real-time monitoring of your digital life, we notify you of breaches and keep your footprint up to date, whilst giving you actions to reduce risk

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Mappd beta is closed!

You’ve may have been redirected from or as our first public beta is now closed.

Our latest release is almost here. We have shut down our current beta and are so excited to bring the new version – the system and database has been terminated and securely deleted.

Thank you so much for your participation as the product is now light-years ahead and we are so excited to release our official app in the near future.

Leave your email to receive updates and get notified when we are live – hope you like the new re-brand!

*we will use your email for sending a newsletter and notification when live, visit privacy for more details.